Back in a year ago, I was too foolish to stand in a dark side of the world who enjoyed the worthy pleasure, involving in gambling , without thinking about my parents, who hardly look after us out of there tears . And when I started gambling I got addicted and started demanding lots of money to my parents and also took my friends money, using up of mess fees and lost all there money in playing cards. After that I have got nothing to do at all. The only thing I have to do was regret. I cried out of tears but there was nobody who could stand in my side, I fell like dying, but I do  remembered that it is also challenge for me and I take that as stepping stone as of student. All the friends of mine they walk away from me because I became a liar.  

After all, my faith becomes stronger, And what I want all of you is that, life is sometimes full of hardship and pain but through only hardship and pain we could be able to learn what is good and what is bad.  The world itself is full of woes and care. Try facing it.